Tarot – The Magician


If you have reached the Magician, whether by an eager lunge or a mincing step forward, it means the journey has begun. A new journey fraught with dragons and omens and all sorts of magic. This, after all, is the terrain of the Magician. In some decks, Merlin represents this magician card. In others, Hermes. In fairy tales, it is simply The Wizard.

On the Magician’s table are a cup, sword, wand and pentacle. The tools of the trade. These represent the skills and abilities and aptitudes and resources we already have, those tools we are going to use to build our dream.

The Magician calls upon us to assess the raw materials we possess, those elements we will use on this new path towards an as-of-yet faraway and mysterious success. This is where we begin to focus our vision from the infinite potential of the Fool to our power of choice.

Mirroring the Magicians hands in the tarot card, with one pointing up and one pointing down, this is the card where we take the impulse of the Fool high up on that cliff, and bring that message down from the cliff, down into the material realm to begin manifesting.

At this point, the Magician is no longer the Fool on the mountaintop with his head near the clouds surveying the landscape. He has taken the jump and landed, yes, on his feet. And not only that, but with a table of practical tools at hand, and an awareness that he is bringing down from the mountaintop a vision that is to be made into something concrete. As his singular downwards pointing wand demonstrates, it is a singular vision or desire. A desire that is to rise preeminent above all others.

This is a very empowering time in the process. We have decided to go for it! To take a step forward! We can create anything! At this point, it does us well to remember that this spark of an idea came from above and did not originate in our ego self, that self who thinks it has all the answers.

It is at this starting gate with all our engines running high and ready to launch forth that we need to remember that the inspiration came from above, on that mountaintop. We must not lose this connection to Source. It is fundamental to stay hooked into Source throughout the journey. It is where the magic resides, and what the Magician does is to service our higher vision with his will and concentration.

On his table are the materials he will use, those being the Wand (energy and ideas), the cup (emotions and relationships), the sword (our intellect, communication skills, the truth) and the Pentacle (the physical outcome of our labors). In this order, we find the path to success. The new idea, the wand, is lead through the emotions, where the idea picks up the steam of our excitement and passion, then on through the sword of clear thinking and planning, on to the pentacle, the result, the achievement of the goal. Success.

If the magician were associated with any one of these suits, it would be the wand, the magic wand, that idea which starts the whole thing going, the key that turns the engine. And where does this power come from? The Magician’s upraised arm says it all. The true power comes from above / within. From Spirit, Soul, the Universe, the Higher Self, the subconscious… whatever name we wish to use.

This stage of the journey, this new beginning towards our desire requires both will and discipline. To continually be renewed with fresh enthusiasm for this venture, which may involve a steep learning curve, or many steps towards its completion, requires an ongoing infusion of energy. By hooking up to our Higher Self, the path unfolds more easily.

If we forget and begin to feel we are doing it all alone, our path may feel like a struggle against a force of gravity. We may begin to feel blocked or as though the muse has fled. At these times, it may seem easier to prance after another desire, and to cut our budding venture off at the knees in favor for the freshness of another path.

It can feel easier to follow a new idea, which has that blast of the Fool’s excited energy. The same energy one gets in a new relationship—adrenaline and infatuation… that combination of intense emotions that includes passion and fear of the unknown. New ideas can have that rush of adrenaline that is so tempting to follow, from one to another to another. The thing is, any one of the ideas can work. It is simply choosing one and sticking with it to its successful completion. There is not one idea that is better than another. Manifesting our desires requires follow through. It means not getting sidetracked by the next idea that drops down from the heavens, is suggested by a friend, or hyped by the latest Top Paying Jobs list in a magazine.

There are many temptations and distractions along the journey. The gift of staying connected to Source is that it offers us an ongoing sense of renewal. Not to mention multiple synchronicities. Once we have committed to one path, and we prove our mettle by staying the course, Source tends to give us a hand. It seems to be a reciprocal relationship, in that the more we turn ourselves and our actions over to the Universe, the more gifts are extended to us along the journey towards our desire.

Our desire may be clear as a bell, like the impulse to start a new business, to travel the world, or to buy a domain name and build ourselves a website. Or we may have only the next omen or clue calling us in an unspecified direction. For instance, maybe we are simply guided to buy a certain book, or walk into a certain neighborhood college.

This is a task of the Magician—to take an idea from above and to use our resources, those sitting on the table in front of the Magician, to manifest into reality that one chosen desire.


Choose one desire! Out of the plethora of possibilities you came up with from the questions at the end of the Fool’s chapter, choose one. That is the sum total of our task for the Magician. And know this. You cannot make a wrong choice. Simply begin with one possibility that calls to you, and commit to it. We begin with just one desire so as not to scatter our energies and resources.

If you find it difficult to narrow things down, begin by narrowing your options down to three. Then of the three, close your eyes, take 5 long deep breaths, and imagine them one by one in your mind’s eye. Which one is most compelling? That’s the one!

If two of them are equally compelling, great! See this not as a dilemma, but as a gift! The Universe is presenting you with a menu of items you will enjoy. At any restaurant, you simply choose one item out of many delectable possibilities. Likewise, at this point in the journey, you simply choose one of those that appeals the most, knowing you’re going to enjoy it, and committing to it. If you refuse to make a choice, you will sit in the restaurant eating nothing, and remain hungry. So enjoy the fact that you have a number of great options that will lead to your success!


Write out the desire you have chosen on paper, giving it a positive, present-tense orientation. That is, instead of writing, “I want to stop eating sugar”, say, “I eat lots of great vegetables.” You get the idea. It’s framed in the positive of what we do want, not what we don’t want. And we don’t use future oriented words like “I want” or “I will” but rather present-tense oriented words like, “I eat / do / have / am / feel …”

Also, only use one idea in this desire statement. For example, instead of “I eat great vegetables and lose 10 pounds,” you would choose “I eat great vegetables,” or “I am losing 10 pounds.” The more directed the energy, the less scattered it is, the swifter your outcome will be. Our statement of desire is our magic wand, the vehicle we’re jumping into that will carry us to success. Let’s make it strong and clean!


Oxygen is life. The more oxygen we take in, the more life we take in. The more deeply we breathe in, the more that the knots we have hidden away inside our minds and bodies begin to loosen and release. The Fool is the ground of all being, the Tao, the Universe within which we play. If we can harmonize with it and thus with the Greater Flow of things, our way will become clearer and smoother, and our success will unfold at a swifter pace.

The breathing exercise I’m introducing here is simply called Long Deep Breathing.

And what does this mean? It means two things. One is long breathing. The other is deep breathing. Combine the two, and voila!

The first thing is taking a long breath, which means inhaling until your lungs are as full as they can get, and then exhaling so completely that you empty out every last atom of oxygen. The second thing is deep breathing… as opposed to shallow breathing. Shallow breathing stays up in the throat and chest. Deep breathing goes down to the belly, so that you can actually see your gut rise and fall.

Thus, long deep breathing is simply breathing into your belly as deeply as you can, then exhaling until your belly is pushed against your spine and every last bit of air is expelled.

Homework: Do 5 long deep breaths at least three times today. I find it’s easy to work them in while standing in the line up at my café or grocery store, or waiting at the stop light, or during television commercials even.

With the Fool, the exercise was to take five long deep breaths three times a day. Raise that to ten or more times a day. Consider practicing as you walk to your car, from your bedroom to the kitchen, while you’re combing your hair. Or washing up dishes. See how many more places you can sneak in five long deep breaths.

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